Heart & Soul

I don't know where the finish line is, all I know is I'm going there
I don't know how to compromise it, I'm caught up in a love affair

       If you don't let me go, then I will never know
       Which way the wind will blow, I need to follow my heart and soul, my Soul

Do you know where the borderline is, I only ask cos I'm going there
I know it all seems a bit misguided, right now I don't even care

 Don't be afraid........ to roll away the stone
 You can't make......... it out there on your own



Nevermind coz its been a while and I know that the time has gone
Even though I have tried to find a way to come back feeling strong
I had a chance to run away and leave it there where it all belongs
I didn't think you would come at all but you went and proved me wrong, because

    You came right away you couldn't leave me there in that state
    You knew right away how to calm me down and make me stay
    You came right away you couldn't leave me there in that state
    And you knew what to say words that made me think and contemplate

An open mind can be hard to find when you know that the time has gone
How can you cope when you're feeling broke and the journey's far too long
I had a chance to run away and leave it there where it all belongs
I didn't think you would come at all but you went and proved me wrong


How It Is

Pave the wave before the light fades, take back the air so I can breath
They say the home is where the heart is, but all you Ever seem to wanna do is leave
They say don't hold on to a lost cause, but I can't work out what it means
I still don't know where I stand here, but all I know is that I want to be at ease

    How Can I Begin to Understand It, Open Up The Door and Let Me In
    All I Ever Wanted Was to know (show, Love) You, Please tell me Now,                                         Please tell me How It Is 

Pave the wave before the light fades, I need to find a clear way out
Everything we had I thought was real, but now you leave me here, you leave me here in doubt                     

      I Will Tell You Now, I Will Tell You How It Is                      


Bring Out The Best in Me


By now, you should know where your heart is
By now, you should know how it feels
I'd wait for that moment to come
I won't fade away I'm here for the ride, and I know

    I don't know what I'll find here
    Will I make sense of it all
    In time it may break down
    But I know that you, bring out the best in me

I'll find a way to get there in time


Distance Between


We don't need to feel this weight on our shoulders
There's no need for us to feel this way 
We have everything here to fight for, we can get through each passing day

    There's still so much we've got to work on baby 
    But we can make it if we give it time
    There's still so much we've got to work on baby
    Oooo We will get there, we will be just fine

It is hard to know this distance between us
It is hard to feel so far apart
I will wait until the day I can hold you
and hear every breath and every beat of your heart


Face in the Crowd (For my cousin Bendik, never forgotten)


He wasn't hear to start a war, never walked battle fields before
These words I sing will never be enough for you, but while I'm here, 
there's some things I need to say

People try to bring us down, they try but we will stand our ground
Hold no remorse although this life has run its course
but while I'm here, there's some things we need to say

    All we wanted was the very best for you, a strong belief in a country pure and true
    The way you spoke and led, it made us all so proud, 
    You'll never be just a face in the crowd

So we said goodbye that day, you tried to show us a way
You made us realise that you were there, you tried
Now these memories will help to dry our teary eyes


Free Your Mind 

5am and you are heading out of town, It's quiet on the streets and there is no one around
The clear motorway there's nothing more to say, Soon you will be heading for Georgia, USA

I found it hard to say goodbye, but you will experience new life
I'll listen to your favourite tunes, and as I do I will be thinking of you

      You can do anything you can, If you free your mind, do exactly as you planned

You will return to find that nothing's really changed, 
except that narrow two way street may well have now become one way
It'll take some time for you to settle in
The memories of all you've seen repeating in your head

You'll find it hard to leave, my advice to you is wear your heart upon your sleave
Keep you're head up, don't be shy, Hold on tight
Everything will be alright


Good Intentions

All we do is say goodbye, it doesn't matter how hard I try
I've been waiting here, wide awake, waiting up all night    

All I need is a little sign, just to know if I should waste my time
The more I think, the more I realise, the more I wonder why

    I only had, Good Intentions (for you)

With everyday that passes by, I feel myself begin to mend inside
but now and then I think of all the times it was only you and I

    I could tell you I'm fine, I'm alright but I know that would be a lie
    It hurts now to know that I'm gone and I'm no longer on your mind, but hey that's life


Home Sweet Home

Close my eyes, in my mind I can picture all the things that I've missed
I know where I am because I can almost feel the sunshine on my skin
Beautiful people, walk the streets, all they share are smiles on their faces
The sounds of life, they surround me, they pick me up and make me feel alive

   Take Me Home, Home Sweet Home

Open my eyes, see the sites, take it in as I walk along the river 
I know, this is home because I can feel the happiness deep within
Beautiful places, wall to wall, is fille and there's no empty spaces
The sounds of life, they surround you, they pick you up and make you feel alive

It is harder than you think when you're alone, 
and I know that I've been away too long
I go because I have to keep on moving, but I know I can, always come back



Everything you say, I will write it down
I will not miss a word, I will not make a sound
When I look at you, I find it hard to breath
you've been on my mind, ever since we met last year

    Oh this is the way I want to live my life
    So pure and so sweet when I look in to your eyes
    Oh this is the way, because it feels so right
     I want to see the World, I want to see the World with you

I knew right there that night, we saw those shooting stars
I wished for something I had never felt before
We didn't have much time, I knew you had to leave
now you've been on my mind ever since we met last year


Sweet Llangennith

A million colours in my head, the sky is turning from pink to red
The sky is turning from pink to red, it takes my breath away
One more sunset, one more day
I feel my footsteps in the sand, treading along in no mans land
Feeling the world in harmony, this is my sanctuary by the sea

     There is a place I like to go to and rest my mind from toubles
     And watch the sun go down at night over sweet Llangennith
     If I could take you there, I will take you there, The life in sweet Llangennith

Breathing in the open air, I take my time and I sit and stare, I feel so far away, as I look over Rhossili bay
One day maybe you'll understand, the beuty surround this ancient land
Feeling the world in harmony, this is my sanctuary by the sea


This is Love

Through the night I feel your warmth over my body
I hear you breathing as I watch you fall asleep
You are everything, all that I hold on to
I lay beside you and wait there patiently

   Then I wake, I look around and you're not there with me
    I feel alone, I turn to stone and I can hardly breath
     Is this love, is this love, or is it fooling me again

Morning comes and light shines through my window
It fills the room as it slowly covers me
I keep my eyes closed, I don't want to wake up
I don't want to leave and face reality

This is Love ,   I don't want to wait until the sun goes down again


Wrongs to Rights

Over the years trying to find alI the answers, finding the keys to open doors
I never knew this could be so condescending, Moving on has never felt so 
  but I didn't see it coming, I didn't know what to do, when 
        She said, Man! What are you doing with your life?
        Take these opportunities they're hard to find
        She said, Man! What are you doing with your life?
        Go and / You can turn all of those wrongs in to rights

Over the years looking back on all my actions, I've made mistakes I know for sure
If I could go back and change the way I acted, I'd make myself believe in more

but if I hear you calling, I will come for you 


It Was Always You

I've been waiting all this time to let you know, I am not about to let this moment go
I've been wondering why the time has gone so slow, with every little piece of me, holds on hope

   It was you, always you......  It was you, I held on to...... 

I've been trying to find a way to make you see, that all the love we had is my reality
I don't mind if you put all the blame on me, every little piece on me still believes


Memory Lane

Marks in the pavement, fast car seat races, holding a full street water fight
Under the bunk beds, of all the places, we thought would be the best place to hide

Beneath the street lights, before our bed time, we would dream our way through the night
It was a safe place, no complications,  star lights, far from a great hight,   
    When I went away I thought everything would change, I still remember everything just the same 
    I didn't want to leave, this was a part of me, but I came back and now it's memory lane

20 odd years passed, life it goes so fast but all the memories aren't about to crack
Walking the streets I knew as a child I felt my imagination coming back



Why don't you come and lie down, by the fireside
We'll just forget it all, lie down. lay down low
In the dead of night, moon light was so bright
and the way to light a heart in life

     Come, lay here by the fireside, Drift away from the cold outside
     No-one else, just you and I, Come and lay here by the fireside
     Fire burning now close your eyes, Drift away 'til the sun-rise
     No-one else here just you and I, Come and lay here by the fireside

the way to find out, your heart's desire
the way to light all hope, is to hold on and don't let go
The way that we confide, You tell me everything you have
You tell me everything inside, everywhere you want to go


Leave Your Light On

You hide away but you can leave your light on, leave your light on
You worry way too much though you can move on, you can move on
I know you're holding on so take your time now, take you time now
Before you know it you'll arrive and you will see that you've survived and you'll feel alive

Lost in the dark but I will turn your light on, turn your light on
I'll keep you warm inside and hold you tight, I'll hold you tight and
You can sing this song when you're alone, when you're alone 
In the morning I'll be gone, you'll realise you belong, you've known it all along

Leave Your Light On (Leave it On)  for me


All You Have

You see the warning signs, they've been right before your eyes
Take everything before you go, before you're out of sight
Because I feel like I don't know you

        This is all you have, there's nowhere to run to
        Go along without a care within your soul
        This is all you have, there's nowhere to run to
        Just go along, because you need to find a way out

You've been here wasting time, I can not control your mind
Take everything before you go, before you're out of sight
Because I feel like I don't know you