Have you ever wanted to play the guitar but you've been too scared or thought it's too late to start?!  Well ........... Think again!

James has taught people of all ages & abilities to play guitar and he does so in a way to make it enjoyable for you. Whether you're a complete beginner or you can play a riff or a few chords, James is here to help you start strumming your favourite songs and develop your playing further.    

With over 20 years experience performing in various bands and as a touring singer songwriter, James has a wealth of knowledge in the music performance World.

James is very warm and welcoming. After spending time at Morven Park Primary school Nottingham, he left making a great impression on all of the staff and pupils. James is an extremely talented musician who relished the opportunity to share his knowledge and musical experiences. James benefitted from learning music from a very early age and therefore endeavors to give children of today a similar opportunity.
— Nicky Goodall - Assistant Head Teacher

If you are based in South-East Kent, and you've always wanted to learn to play guitar then contact James TODAY on jmrkirby@hotmail.com or call 07725 333717 to arrange a lesson.  

If you don't own a guitar... DON'T WORRY! James has plenty and will bring one for you to try out / borrow and if you need help finding the right guitar for you, James can point you in the right direction.

Daytime Lessons (Mon - Fri between 9am - 5pm) £25 p/hour (£30 home visit)

Evening / Weekend Lessons £30 p/hour (£35 home visit)