Listen to my interview on Burgess Hill Radio station (16th Nov 2017)

Roqueta magazinE INTERVIEW

Birkenhead to Menorca.  Can you briefly fill in the gap?

Born and raised on The Wirral, later Ormskirk before moving south to Kent. Music has always been a part of my life. I found myself in a job I hated whilst gigging the kent and London scene at night. I jumped ship, literally faked an audition for a cabaret singer job (never used backing tracks in my life) and well, here I am! A bit more to the story than that thought 😜


You started playing at a young age.  What are your earliest musical memories that inspired you and what age can you remember writing your own music?

I grew up in the church. My father was vicar for different parish’s growing up so I owe a lot of what I do now to my time surrounded with worship songs. I’ve played cello, viola, piano, drums from a young age , guitar came later. 

I’ve been writing from the age of 9. 


How old were you when turned professional?

I’ve played music since I can remember but I was 27 when I turned professional. 


Do you prefer playing solo rather than with a band or other musicians?

I love the freedom on stage performing solo and I love to shake up my songs. I do love playing with other musicians but I would say I prefer solo. With the technology of looping and stomp boxes now I can create a big sound. Less is more as they say!


Do you enjoy recording?

I love heading into a studio and being surrounded with other musicians. I will be spending more time in the studio over the next year. 


Are your recordings / promo vids self funded?

Yes , everything I have done up until now has been self funded / self managed. I’m proud of what I’ve done and recorded but I do know there’s a lot more to come. 


Do you road test new material before recording it?

Yes , it’s the best way to get a feel for the songs and to see how well it goes down with the audience. Even now I’m tweaking the way I play songs I’ve already recorded. 


Where do you record?

I’ve recorded in various studios in Kent including Anchor Baby. My most recent album was recorded in a house studio which was different but very chilled. We tracked in South Wales, used a home studio in Birmingham and also tracked drums in New York, USA. 


Do you write on guitar or keys?

Guitar mainly but when there’s a piano around you’ll probably find me on that! 


How do you get your music heard apart from constant gigging?

Social media, live streaming, word of mouth. 


What’s the gigging scene like in Menorca?

There’s some really cool places to play. I love the late night bars and playing in venues where people come to you to listen. Hotels you just go and pray there are people who like your genre. If not , it’s my job to convert them 


The BBC have given you coverage. How did that come about?

Simply by uploading my music onto bbc Introducing and hoping a producer will hear it! 


What inspires your lyrics?

Places I go, people I meet, my own experiences, other people’s experiences. 


Can you sing in Spanish?

My languages are terrible. I tried once actually and I got to the second line of the first verse and had to stop!


Do you write for others?

Yes, I often get asked to write songs for other people. It’s a lovely position to be in but I don’t get much free time especially now the ball is rolling for me and my career. 


How do you organise dates in Europe?

Through people I’ve met here on Menorca and other destinations like Egypt and Cyprus where I’ve also played. Meeting people every day from all over the World has helped me. 


What is the biggest audience you have played to either as your own gig or with another band / artist?

I’ve played in different bands over the years. I would probably say up to about 15,000 at a festival one year. 


Do you still get nervous before a gig?

Not really , when you hit over 300 concerts during 6 months the nerves go away. 


The UK tour is quite an undertaking. How much preparation has this taken?

Months of planning, set backs and people hanging up the phone on you. It’s a massive step forward for me and I’ve now got a team behind me. Exciting times ahead :)